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HHO Fuel Saver Kit

HHO Fuel Saver Kit

Water can be used as an Efficiency Enhancer for Diesel or Gasoline Engines.
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Water can be used as an Efficiency Enhancer for Diesel or Gasoline Engines. HHO (Hydrogen and Oxygen mixture) produced from electrolysis of water offers several major benefits like better fuel efficiency, lesser emissions, longer engine life and more power. The HHO system use electricity from the vehicle’s battery while driving and produces / consumes HHO while the engine is running.

Hydrogen or HHO is never stored. As soon as it is generated, it gets injected into the engine where it mixes with the existing fuel. The mixture of fuel and HHO burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and the amount of emission gases released in the air. Our advanced HHO technology decreases fuel consumption upto 30% and reduces NOx, CO, CO2 and HC emissions substantially.

Benefits of HHO technology for vehicles are many:

1) Better Fuel Efficiency: upto 30% means lower fuel consumption

2) Significant Reduction in emissions (COx, NOx)

3) Extended engine & engine oil’s life.

4) Increased torque (stronger, smoother acceleration)

5) Greater power.

6) Cleaner oil resulting from less carbon deposited in the engine.

7) There are no recurring costs except refill the water.


• Input: 12VDC/ 24VDC

• Series Cell.

• Plate Material: Titanium

• Electrical terminals with wing nuts.

• Uses quality gaskets for years of operation.

• Gas connections with Push On type Elbow.

• High pressure gas pipe.

• Saves upto 30% fuel

• Reduces upto 50% emissions.


  • HHO Generator Kit complete with Cell, PWM, high pressure flexible tube, connectors and electrical wires.
  • May increase the mileage upto 30% ** of Power Generators rated for 5KW.
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